How To Leverage Appearance To Attract Women

Geplaatst op 02-04-2024

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One of the big things women place huge value on is our appearance. Luckily it does not matter so much about your face or build but WHAT YOU WEAR.

If you look great but come across as not being in control of your environment (what clothes and shoes you wear) you will rank way down on a womens attraction meter.

It sounds crazy to us I know as we place little value on the clothes we wear but trust me women are on the look out for a man in control as a man in control of his environment is better able to provide.

So just remember – Great clothes you feel comfortable in and especially great shoes go a LONG way. Way longer than you would think. Smell is also a big one for attracting women and different types of women react differently to different male scents.

Sadly at the instinctive level for women its not really there personality that is the initial attraction… we know that right. But for women its not your quirky jokes or good looks that will get you into bed with a women. You might be fooled into thinking that you jokes are the reason but they are not.


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What attracts women is one simple thing:

The Female Attraction Master Key

Respect from peers leads to your personal worth and as a result your social value. The higher social value you hold in the current situation the more of a dominant presence you hold. (could be as simple as providing jokes and controlling conversation) THIS dominance leads to the attraction you seek.

THIS is what we should all be aiming for. It is tough to see through it all and realise where the true attraction is coming from but you cannot afford to mistake your comedy for attraction or anything else you think works.

It may work as a result of how it influences your power but not as a direct result.

So with that said you know understand that dressing well will not impress a women and attract her outright like you might hope but it is very necessary step.

Also remember when trying to impress a women that attraction is all relative, what I mean by that is if you are of average physical health and looks and everyone else is way down on attraction (for whatever reason) and there is one hot women in the room you now become the most attractive to her. Attraction is relative to the situation.

So to wrap up appearance, don’t give women the chance to notice what you are wearing, clean lines and smart casual shoes that do not cost a heap will do the trick.

Men don’t like to spend heaps of time on clothes and you don’t need to but just remember the women are watching so just make sure they are not watching for the wrong reasons.

Female Attraction – Smell Good Or Go Home

You will be amazed at what the subtle smell of a good cologne can do to your efforts to attract women.

When you lean in close to her ear to hear what she is saying better your smell can magnetise her to you for the rest of the night. If you don’t shower before going out you can kiss that phone number or hook up goodbye.

Keep a healthy clean appearance when dating and you will be ready for the next pick up artist steps of female stimulating attraction.